Artist Statement.

My art art is line, expression, form and movement. I believe the human body is perfect in its imperfections. The beauty of the human body exists in the truth of our mind. How we move our body is emotional. The constant flow of color, line and patterns exists inside and out. 

My work is influenced by people! Musicians, designers, authors, chef's, painters. Everyone is an individual with their own stories and imperfections. We are human! My biggest influences are artists Lucien Freud, Alice Neal, Jean-Michel Basquiat and David Hockney. Filled with color or void of color. My goal is to capture the beauty within the madness and chaos of society by finding the truth in the everyday. I believe the truth is within the lines, shapes and colors of our bodies. They are forever changing, different, constant.

Consistency does not exist, as change is everlasting, it is infinite. 

Artist Bio.

Rieber was born and raised in New York city. She was raised just a few blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where her mother would take her to sit and copy the great masters of art. Coming from a long line of artists, it forever lives inside her. Her grandfather was  a photographer and grandmother a poet. Her mother is an artist, and her father was a professor of criminal phycology at John Jay College. Her aunt is a photographer and professor, in Tacoma Washington. And her sister is a contemporary artist in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Her family was and is, always creating. As she has been influenced by many well known artists that she grew up admiring, her inspiration and drive comes from her upbringing and family influences. The constant need to create. She creates what she feels and what she sees. 

Rieber moved to Cannon Beach Oregon in 2007, and lived on the beautiful Oregon Coast painting people instead of the landscape. She found the people of Cannon Beach the attraction just as much as the beauty of the Oregon Coast. She finds that Painting portraits and the human figure is just as scenic as the ocean, mountains, rocks and sky. 

In 2014, Rieber moved to Portland, Oregon. A big town she is truly in love with. The energy of the town is full of people creating. Whether it's food, art or words. She continues to reside in Portland, Oregon where you can find her  making art, studying and practicing yoga.



Watercolor Chakra Series