The first time Sara got on the mat she was 13 years old. She thought it was the most boring form of exercise there was. Having a background in dance and a love of sports, she felt the need to constantly move. Years later, she gave yoga another chance. It was not love at first yoga, or even love at second yoga. It was more of a progressive kind of love. The kind that makes you feel amazed that THE ONE was right in front of you all along. It was challenging to allow herself to move in ways she was unfamiliar, and even more challenging to realize that for her body, most of yoga was finding stability through strength. She had enough flexibility from her experience as a dancer, and had lost the strength that comes with it. It wasn't until she got a severe case of Plantar Faciatis that Sara completely immersed herself in yoga and found the physical and mental healing benefits of yoga. She gives her teachers that introduced her to yoga all the credit for staying with the practice. The Love and knowledge of the practice was shared with her. And one can't ignore that feeling of wanting to share the love and knowledge with others as well. She believes yoga is empowering. Yoga brings awareness of our bodies and our mind. Which means Awareness equals power. Considering the times and events that are taking place these days, it is extremely important to become aware and empowered. She aims to teach a class rather than lead a class. So if you are looking to come to a class and find a balance between stability and mobility, find the bigger picture of what is happening now, and target areas of the body that are not connected yet in mind and body, Sara's classes and private sessions may be the right fit.

Sara offers classes in Vinyasa, Hatha, gentle & therapeutic styles of yoga. Tools that help strengthen the body and mind, classes will touch lightly on yoga philosophy, chakras, sanskrit, and functional skills. The Functional skills will focus on alignment for your individual body, as everyone is different. Mindful movement  is encouraged in every class. The goal is to find those areas of the body that are not connected yet in mind and body. In turn becoming more aware of how we move our body, and the power of our mind to influence. You will  leave feeling lighter and  with a desire to keep learning. 

You can go take a class with Sara at Pureheart yoga in Portland, Oregon where she teaches Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Check out to see the schedule. 

If you have an injury and need yoga instruction to compliment your physical therapy and doctor,  One on one private sessions are also available.  Contact Sara directly for private instruction.


Sara Rieber received her 200-hour RYT certification from Ananda Ashram/yoga society of New York in Monroe, NY, where she studied with Michael Hollander, Shri Radha and Ma Bhaskarananda. There, she delved deep into the philosophy of yoga with the study of Sanskrit, meditation and asana. Sara accumulated an abundance of loving wisdom from her teachers and continues her journey knowing she needs to keep learning.

She went on to receive a second 200- hour RYT certification from Portland Therapeutic Yoga, where she learned the importance and love of moving mindfully. Trying to find that beautiful in between of strength and ease. It doesn’t stop there. The learning never ends. She continues to study with Tiffany Cruikshank towards her 500-hour RYT certification in Yoga Medicine. Forever a student, forever learning.