The fallowing are projects currently in Progress, or in the process of becoming... a thing. 




Portraits: The Women, Immigrants, Refugees of Portland, Oregon.

Through art, we can inspire, motivate action and change. We can challenge societies presumptions of people, places and things. 

Love and peace can exist in the world, with the help and act of expression through different forms of art. 

Painting Portraits is a classical genre of art. It is usually a literal depiction of the subject. Portraiture was typically done for the wealthy, as it represented success and status. It affirmed the importance of the individual at the time. In response to what is going on in our society today, it is important to continue to express our need for positive change. Protecting our civil rights and the importance of every individual. Every person is important and has an important impact in our society.  

If you would like to be a part of the project and sit for me and tell me your story, contact me below. I would love to paint your portrait.

I am open to collaborations. If you feel you can add to the project in other forms of artistic expression such as music, dance, fashion, the spoken word or food. I look forward to hearing from you!

Yoga Body Painting


*Coming Soon